Wednesday, 20 February 2019

Love & War

~ 86 weeks to my 'Tees' (30th) ~

Feb 14th 2019

Woke up on Valentine's Day to the news of the Pulwama suicide bomb attack - where 40 Indian CRPF personnel were martryed. On the day of love, our brothers who limitlessly loved the nation, lost their lives, to terrorism - 'twas a black day for all peace-crusaders...

A few words in their honour... 

A mother woke to her toddler's kisses
Another mother, her young son, she misses
A father got back with love gifts for the family
Another woke to news of melancholy
A daughter is ready to deck up in a red dress
Another will have to put her father's body to rest
A son is ready to head to school
Another's life is stolen, ahead of time, by terrorists, who think they're cool
A wife is welcomed by a colourful flower bouquet
Another's won't ever be the same, starting today
A baby is cuddled tight by its mother & father
An unborn one won't ever hear the voice of the latter
A sibling is jealous of his older brother 
Another vows to join the forces, just like their elder bro, martyred 

Us (4+1) in Ubud

~ 87 weeks to my 'Tees' (30th) ~

Bali this time with out Bangalore friends, #SamRut

We checked into our picturesque 2-bedroom pool villa
and toasted to good times with coffee-tequila
The traditional art market was the girl's first stop
While the boys chilled together at the coffee shop
We walked across the beautiful Ubud palace ground then
Followed by a sumptuous meal, catching up over spicy cocktails, satay and Nasi Goreng
We enjoyed Gamelan music and dance, while waiting for our ride back, and the drizzle to subside
A day that started with yoga by the paddy fields, ended then with much-deserved spa-time

Oh what fun we had chilling in our villa pool
And exploring the nature trails around, so cool
Such pure joy cuddling our little toddler boy
Who loved eating satay, posing and acting coy
We were in awe beholding the beautiful rice terrace farms
Sipping on Kopi Luwak, while the clouds brewed up a storm
We headed to the highly recommended 'Hujan Local' for dinner
The food and ambience definitely blew us over
And soon it was time to head back already with our little cub
But not before spending the afternoon at the famed Potato Head beach club.

Monday, 11 February 2019

50 months since #SocialShaadi

~ 88 weeks to my 'Tees' (30th) ~

Prantik and I celebrated 50 months since our wedding on Feb 3rd, 2019.
The Friday leading up to the weekend, I surprised him post work in my scrub-pants and met him after his gym session, at a resto-bar in the city. We enjoyed good conversation, over some salads and delicious refreshing cocktails! 
Saturday evening was spent with our usual gang of friends along with another couple from the US, who stopped over at Singapore, on their way to India - we enjoyed Asian dinner, followed by drinks at the rooftop, laughing over stories from the past and mysteries of the future.
On Sunday i.e the 3rd of Feb - we stole some time, while the toddler indulged in his afternoon siesta, to catch a late matinee show of a Bollywood movie at the theatre; followed by coffee, chilling on the lawn. 

Just looking back at how far we've come since our wedding ceremonies, left us feeling giddy! 
We've had a fair share of ups and downs, like any other couple out there- but we've stuck together despite all the differences... and just as we've gotten older, we've also grown wiser (hopefully) and here's hoping that we continue on this roller-coaster journey together, learning to let go (of things that don't matter on the long run) and holding on, when required (to faith in ourselves and the higher Force, if one's a believer)


S = Surprises/Sarcasm
O = Optimism/Overcommitted
C = Companionship/Critical
I = Intimacy/Insecurities
A = Adventures/Assumptions
L = Love/Lack of empathy
S = Security/Scarcity of time
H = Home/Home alone
A = Affection/Anger
A = Ambition/Abrasiveness
D = Dancing together/Defensiveness
I = Infinite growth/Imperfections

These are personality as well as couple traits that do not get completely reflected on Social media posts - because by default, we are all narcissistic characters - and we'd only project the good side, editted pictures in good light, sans red eyes, with filters etc - but the truth is, we're all normal people, with our own idiosyncrasies and flaws. 

Marriage continues to teach us to focus inwards on personal growth continually, while also being considerate and giving towards the other half's (I do not say 'better half' because everyone is a different individual, and one mustn't compare apples to oranges!) journey of discovery and growth.
It is learning to enjoy the roller coaster ride, while maintaining our poise and striking the right balance.
It is learning to adapt to the changes that we undergo as time passes by, and finding our footing while the waves go by.
It is learning to take over new roles, doning invisible superhero/heroine capes even, and giving it our best; and at times, when we can't for whatever reason, falling back on our partner, and being able to rely on them ... and at the end of the day, looking back and being able to smile together, at a job well done - be it setting our house up, cooking a meal, raising our toddler and such. 

It's been a fantastic 50 months with you, Prantik; we've seen each other through some tough and rough times; we've danced through the good times and well, we've had some jolly good - great times too - may we continue to be grateful for the blessings that continue to be showered upon us; may we never take each other for granted; and may we continue on this beautiful journey, hand in hand, until they get crooked from senile arthritis, until you lose all your hair, mine grey beyond repair, and we fall asleep cuddling one night, reminiscing about the days, months and decades we've spent together, and pass onto the next world, in peace...

Saturday, 2 February 2019

Dear Mamama ...

~ 89 weeks to my 'Tees' (30th) ~

The most important thing the past week has got to be mum leaving for good ... and so after 2.3 years of helping us look after not just Ayaan, but also our household and ourselves - Amma was finally flying off to be with Papa (finally an end to their 'Baghban' like long-distance situation) and now we were on our own! The house did feel empty, but our hearts were full, and heavy...

Thus, I decided to pen this not-so-little poem, on behalf of the little one: An ode to our wonder-woman! :*

Dear Mamama...

Thank you Mamama
For running behind Amma
Being wheeled off on the hospital trolley
As you witnessed your prayers being answered
And set your eyes for the first time on me

Thank you Mamama
For taking me in your arms, even past midnight
And rocking me to sleep
Singing "Nanda ke laala" so melodiously
Until I drifted into my dreamworld, deep

Thank you Mamama
For taking care of Amma
So she could breastfeed me exclusively
For being so persevering, when Amma headed back to work
And you had to at times even force spoon/bottle feed me

Thank you Mamama
For recording all my first milestones
Be it my first smile, giggle or boisterous laugh
Or me sliding, crawling and cruising - my first steps
Even my fussy crying, when you'd all had enough! :D

Thank you Mamama
For teaching me my first syllables, letters and words
And soon we were singing my first nursery rhymes together
It's no wonder that 'Mamama' was amongst my first few words
Especially as we spent so much time with each other

Thank you Mamama
For taking me outdoors daily, and running behind me
We would see the koi fish, and play with Ashley the cat, seek and hide
Collect dried leaves and flowers; or go to the "sp(l)ash zone"
And when older, watch me climb up and down the slide

Thank you Mamama
(&Ajjo) for "so many many" gifts from Jakarta and elsewhere
For filling my wardrobe with the softest cotton clothes
Umpteen books, which I get Amma-Baba to re-read
And my tricycle, and my latest scooter, to speed away, I suppose?

Thank you Mamama
For letting me do yoga with you
Merely a "copycat" but it felt nice anyways
Even breathing as you and Ajjo did during 'Bhastrika pranayama'
Climbing on you, and hugging you "G'morning" while you were doing your asanas!

Thank you Mamama
For being my serene moonlight and morning sunshine
And teaching me to greet the cleaner aunty and the security/driver uncle with glee
Also, for teaching me to be kind and share
So now all my friends (and their nannies) love me

Thank you Mamama
For making me love food, fruits and veggies, in all its vast variety
Especially with all the yummy meals you cooked
My faves till date: 'puttu' with banana, 'sabudana', Chocolate cake
"d(r)agon fruit", carrot "(cha)pati", and broccoli, slightly undercooked

Thank you Mamama
For teaching me the value of prayer
And bowing down to the Almighty everyday
Now, I can do "puja" on my own ;)
And chant in tune, all alone, "Om Namah Shivaya"

Thank you Mamama
For teasing me and tickling me
And making me laugh, by saying you'll pull my ears
For all the great times together and being there for me,
Amma & Baba, over the last couple of years

Thank you Mamama
For dressing me up and treating me as your little Krishna
To me, much like a second mother (Yashoda) you've been
You've fed me, bathed me, changed me, not once, scolded me
Always dropped and picked me from school, even if unwell, you'd been

Thank you Mamama
For teaching nanny #1 & #2
The way to my favourite "another park" and playschool
And to my heart too with my fav "One Fish Two Fish" tshirt
And "my tummy", with my fav foods too - you're too cool!

Thank you Mamama
For sacrificing your time, which you could have spent with Ajjo/Mamu
To help Amma-Baba look after me
For sacrificing sleep, and alot of me-time
In exchange for a lot of quality time with me

Thank you Mamama
For being my "Mogach" (favourite person) in this world
For being the epitome of unconditional love and kindness
I hope we get to chill together, often in the future too
But until then, all these cherishable times, I'll definitely miss

"Love you so much"
Ayu ...

P.S. I'll share my Lollipo(p)k with you when you FaceTime next ...