Tuesday 14 May 2019

Just Do It

~ 76 weeks to my 'Tees' (30th) ~ 

Woke up early on Sunday morning
for my first ever run
(Only few hours since my last shift had ended)
To watch the rising sun

I was a tad bit nervous
for I was barely prepared
I was afraid that I might give up
Fall, without a soul to care

The whistle was blown
and the hustle began 
Some strolled, some jogged
Some others sprinted and ran

I stopped intermittently 
for a water break or two
Other runners kept motivating 
"You can do it - #Jiayou"

After a while, I stopped
keeping track of the kilometre
Running felt easy, almost dreamy
with soulful music plugged to the ear

The high of doing something
which you thought you couldn't
Finishing something a voice 
once said you wouldn't

Even though it was a not
a full length 42km marathon
To cross the finish line
did make feel like one had won

For the hardest battles
are not against folks outside
But with the nagging noise
that pulls one down from inside 

And so when one just does it
Without thinking too much 
You feel like nothing is impossible
if one dropped all the fuss

That one can love 
without fear of loss
and one can trust
without having to toss

That one can fight 
passionately for the sake of truth
and work tirelessly
without seeking any fruit

So next time, naysayers
cloud your thought
silence them with your actions
They'll then stare open-mouthed

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