Sunday, 30 August 2015

Celebrating Sibling Love

The following write up is almost 10 years old. And I found it amidst so many other documents in a forgotten folder on an old external hard drive… (I’ve added on at the end, to make up for the years gone by since then!)

It’s nice to be your sister. It’s taught me loads of things... apart from how to source cheat codes! :D

I’m told I loved you when you were still not born. That I would talk to you while you were still in mama. Maybe our bond was spun right then.

But I’m also told I was jealous as hell as soon as you were born. Obviously. With you being the centre of attention. Mama and papa showering all their love on you, I thought they forgot me. So I’d throw tantrums to ensure only mama fed me, bathed me etc. :D 

But as you grew into this adorable chubby little thing, I couldn’t help but wanna be next to you all the time. Hold your stubby little fingers and watch you grow. 

‘Twas fun playing with your guns and cars. And yea I know I forced you to play with my dolls and the kitchen set too. :D And I’m sorry. For all those times, I’d pretend to be dead and wake up a zombie to scare the living daylights outa you. 

As you elder sis, I always thought I was to look out for you. Protect you. So when the football came hurling at you, I went and slapped the guy. Even though it wasn’t intentional on his part, he should have been more careful when playing around a little boy!! 

Soon, you bid adieu to your tricycle and were on a bicycle. We were growing up so fast. We’d race each other so often. I was ahead. And you fell down and fractured your arm. I felt so guilty that night. It was my fault. Also, that time, we raced down the stairs and I had to see you tumbling down. Gee! I had my heart in my mouth! 

And soon we were too big for each other. We had our own friends. Our own books to attend to. And our own different priorities. So while you were hooked to your PlayStation, I was glued to the Harry Potter books. 

And then, we moved back to India. And we were older. And yes, the study pressure was glaring! So amidst innumerable tests, we’d help each other. I’d make notes for you the night prior to your geography test, and you’d try and keep our little cousins engaged while I crammed before my entrance exams. And we’d celebrate our little victories together with a pizza and some fizz. 
And with the blink of an eye, soon it was you giving the entrance exams. I’d bring you vanilla ice-cream with fresh strawberries, keep extra chocolates for you etc.  amidst all the lectures and fights.

You’re pursuing an engineering career now while I’m a doctor already (Holy smokes!). And we’ve seen each other through tough times. Be it family, friends or health crises. Yes, I still have the pics from your untimely E-med visit at 2am! But I must say, some of those scaringly wise and mature things you say at times, it’s hard to imagine that you’re no longer that chubby little boy. 

In fact, you're the first person I told about Prantik! And now, #SocialShaadi has happened, and at times it drives me insane that you find him cooler than me :P 

Today you’re much sought after not only because you have an attractive voice. But because you’re awesome, lil one. You’re well behaved, the teachers’ pet, a caring friend and all that. A genuine gentleman, an enterprising engineer who just recently landed his first job and a rockstar too! And I’m so so so proud of you. And you must know, that you’re mum-dad’s apple in the eye, well deservingly!

And yes now, I’m probably the little one. Haha. But all I really want to say is I’m going to be there, you like it or not, and I’ll stand up against everyone else, for you. I love you, Rohit Kamath! Shoot for the stars, baby brother; the sky is no limit! Stay happy, Stay blessed! We all love infinity & beyond!☺

A week of lovely memories.
A week of keeping them alive...
A week of celebrating festivals! :)


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